Stakeholders can get involved in the AQMP review process in a number of ways, including:  

  • Registering as a stakeholder by contacting the project secretary directly or by registering on the project website; 
  • Submitting comments on air quality and the review of the Gauteng AQMP to the Project Secretary; 
  • Responding to the notice of AQMP development advertised in the local media; 
  • Attending the public meetings; and
  • Providing comment on the draft status quo report and the draft AQMP during the relevant comment periods provided.

The first stage of the participation process involves the establishment of the stakeholder database. Various means to identify stakeholders will be employed including notifications of the AQMP review in the local press with an invitation to register.

Public meetings will be held at two key project milestones. The first of which will be to present and discuss the draft status quo assessment when air quality management gaps, issues and concerns will be discussed to be taken forward into the revised AQMP. The second will be to present and discuss the draft AQMP and implementation plan.

Registration allows stakeholders to stay informed of the project progress as well as the opportunity as to raise issues and submit comments for inclusion in the AQMP.


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