Dr Mark Zunckel - Managing Director

Dr Mark Zunckel has a PhD from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is a meteorologist with 13 years of operational meteorology and research experience at the South African Weather Service before he joined the air pollution group at CSIR. There he developed his career further by leading the research group and many small and large research and consultancy projects over a 15 year period in a number of southern African countries and in South America. These included air quality specialist studies for industrial developments, the Dynamic Air Pollution Prediction System, and leading the development of the National Framework for Air Quality Management. Dr Zunckel has conducted courses in Air Quality Management and dispersion modelling. Mark is currently the Managing Director. 


Bheki Shongwe - Director

Bheki Shongwe is a qualified chemist with a National Diploma (Chemistry) and a B Tech (Chemistry). He also possesses a certificate of accomplishment in air quality data management from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research. Bheki has 7 years of analytical and monitoring in the water and air quality fields and has played a senior role in the Multi Point Plan for eThekwini Health Department in their air quality initiative in Durban’s South Industrial Basin. Here he developed a proficiency in ambient air quality monitoring with passive and real time sampling and data management. Bheki is the lead in uMoya-NILU’s calibration laboratory and is currently the technical director.


Benton Pillay - Director 

Benton Pillay is a qualified Chemical Engineer who has several years of working experience in the chemical process industry with companies like Sasol and Dow Chemicals. He later branched off into air quality management and played a key role in the development of the Multi Point Plan for the South Durban Industrial Basin with the eThekwini Municipaliry. In addition to establishing the air quality monitoring network, he was part of a team that developed the first Schedule Trade Permit in the new format, of which Engen was the first recipient. Benton later joined SAPREF and served as the Environmental Manager before joining uMoya-NILU. Benton is a Director at uMoya-NILU and is the senior staff member in the Pretoria office.