Atham Raghunandan - Air Quality Specialist

Atham has a Masters degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal where his research focussed on tropospheric ozone. With CSIR he developed extensive dispersion modeling skills with models such as CALPUFF, TAPM, CALINE and HYSPLIT through his involvement in numerous air quality management and assessment projects. He was a key member of the CSIR's Air Quality Research Group before joining uMoya-NILU in 2008.


Jean-Pierre M. Mulumba

Jean Pierre M. Mulumba has BSc degree in meteorology from the University of Applied Technologies (ISTA-NDOLO) (DRC) (2001). He received an MSc in Environmental Science from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2007. and subsequently received a PhD from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He completed a 12 month internship at DEA&T where he was involved with a range of air quality activities at CSIR in Pretoria and Durban, eThekwini Municipality and Ecoserv before joining uMoya-NILU. He is widely involved in ambient monitoring projects as well as Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR).


Noma Mkhize

Noma Mkhize has a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering from Mangosuthu University of Technology. She completed her in-service training at eThekwini Health Department’s Pollution Control & Risk Management Section and at Engen Refinery before joining uMoya-NILU in 2009. She has since acquired experience in various aspects of air quality management such as ambient monitoring, emission inventory development, and AEL applications and compliance reporting via the DEA’s online licensing portal, SAAELIP.


Yegeshni Moodley

Yegeshni Moodley has a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her research focused on the assessment of local government capacity in KwaZulu-Natal, specifically with regard to implementing the Air Quality Act. She was a key member of the team that development of the National Framework for Air Quality Management while completing a 12-month internship with DEAT. She also has experience in industrial environmental management, specifically in the cement manufacturing sector. She played a fundamental role in development of Air Quality Management Plans for the Western Cape Province and Highveld Priority Area. She is also involved in the development of greenhouse gas emission inventories and emission reduction strategies.  


Sarisha Perumal

Sarisha Perumal has a BSc Honours Environmental Science (cum laude) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal) and an MSc, also from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her research focuses on air quality issues at a hazardous waste landfill, within the context of neighbouring community’s concerns. She has been the recipient of the NRF Freestanding Scholarship (2009), the NRF DAAD Scholarship (2011) and the SAPIENT Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (2012). At uMoya-NILU she has played a fundamental role on the development of numerous air quality assessments and Air Quality Management Plans (AQMP) include the Eastern Cape Province, the Ugu District Municipality, the Stellenbosch Local Municipality , the review of the AQMP for eThekwini Municipality and the AQMP for the Waterberg-Bojanala Priority Area.


Wimpie de Lange 

Wimpie de Lange is an air quality technician who joined uMoya-NILU in June 2012. He has extensive experience in all aspects of ambient air quality monitoring and isokinetic stack sampling dating back to 1999, including completing training courses at Advance Course in Air Pollution Instrumentation in California. He fills a senior role in uMoya-NILU’s stack sampling service offering and has led isokinetic sampling projects for uMoya-NILU at major industrial facilities such as Engen Refinery, Richards Bay Minerals, South32’s Hillside Smelter, Orion Engineered Carbons, amongst others. Wimpie is a key member of the team that is working towards accreditation of the isokinetic stack sampling laboratory.  


Farryn Moodley

Farryn has a BSc Environmental Sciences degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and recently completed a BSc Environmental Sciences (Honours) degree from the same university. She joined uMoya-NILU in 2013 and has developed into a key member of the team, particularly in the development of emission inventories, ambient monitoring and AEL applications and compliance reporting via the DEA’s online licensing portal, SAAELIP. Farryn played a significant role in developing emission inventories for shipping in the 9 ports managed by TNPA. The first time this has been done in South Africa and she is taking this work forward into her MSc studies. 


Sandiso Matu

Sandiso has a BSc and a BSc (Honours) in applied geology from the University of the Western Cape. He joined a consulting firm and developed skills in stack testing and emission monitoring on industrial installations such gas engines, heaters, furnaces, scrubbers, ESPs, boilers, incinerators, vessel lines, and bag houses. Sandiso joined uMoya-NILU in 2015 and has become a key member of the stack sampling team. He has recently expanded he capabilities to include Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR).


Kwazi Shongwe

Kwazi has obtained his S2 towards a National Diploma, Electronics at the Durban University of Technology and has a National Technical Certificate (N4), Electronics from eThekwini College. He joined uMoya-NILU in June 2012 as a learner technician in the isokinetic stack sampling team. He has since become a vital member of the team and has developed competence in isokinetic stack sampling, leak detection and repair (LDAR) and passive sampling.


Sanele Ntuli

Sanele passed Grade 11 in 2009. He joined uMoya-NILU in 2015 as a learner technician and was assigned to the stack sampling team. He has learnt quickly and has become a vital member of the team. Sanele is enrolled to complete his matric.